BPM software configuration, migration and training

4736958_m252x172TIBCO Nimbus configuration and tuning

BPM software configuration can be very intimidating. TIBCO Nimbus is no exception. Over the years we have learned what the most convenient options and settings are, the order in which they should be applied, so the technology aligns with where you want your BPM project to be. Emptying a candy box  at once is simply not so healthy.

An (incomplete) list of activities:

  • Generic software configuration
  • Templates and styles creation
  • Creation of Data Tables, Statement Sets en Keyword Libraries
  • Setup Document Registry
  • Setup Resource Library
  • Many more…

TIBCO Nimbus migration

Migration, especially from older TIBCO Nimbus releases,  can be a daunting and challenging task. We offer help in this area and work with both your IT staff and business to ensure a smooth transition to the newest release.Think about activities like project planning, data-analysis, creation of roll-back scenarios, specific technical support etc. 

Bespoke TIBCO Nimbus training

Software training is very often delivered “as is.” This approach pretty much comes often down to inefficient water-hosing the audience with way too much information. Software training is obviously a need, but needs really to be embedded in your BPM initiative. For example, you don’t need Statement Set skills, when you are not yet using Statement Sets. We align therefore the training needs to your initiative and  tune the training agenda to the right audience and in the right context.