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    Posted on February 2, 2017 by in News

    Wait, you have a new job?

    Yes. Well, a new role. A new environment. A new way. But not all is new. Read on if you want to know why. Or just want to know more about a unique proposition!

    The Challenge…

    How much time are you spending, or should I rather say, wasting, with endless searching for information in order to be able to support your daily business activities and decisions? How often do you have to ask a fellow colleague how this or that is done? Or when you’re trying to fetch data in order to understand the characteristics of a process? Luckily most of that information is right there at your fingertips, up-to-date and when implementing a new or updated version of your system, capturing this process related knowledge yet again is something of the past… Sorry, is it not?

    The Passion

    Well, enter my core passion! Facilitating Business Process Knowledge Management. I have always wondered WHY activities existed, WHY people or businesses for that matter, do what they do, WHY it seems so hard to get alignment, WHY automation of processes seems challenging time after time. WHY it is so hard to get to process related information. And frankly my 2 cents here are simple: In the end everything boils down to well managed oversight and insight in your processes. Period. And the thing is, a lot of companies seem to not actively be aware of this simple fact. So when you take a good look inside your own organisation, watch the several projects being conducted, such as implementing and automating a new sales process, several compliancy exercises, or yet another rebuild of your intranet…There is this single one denominator: Process Knowledge. Over and over again.

    Yes, but…

    I can hear your say: “Well, we have captured our processes using Word, Powerpoint, Visio.” Or even used a dedicated BPM tool. And I absolutely believe you. However, how many people are referring to that captured process (related) information on a daily and practical basis? How many projects are actually (re)using that information? How up-to-date is the information and, oh yeah, who owns it?

    My main point is, that projects or events (e.g., practical need for information, business initiatives) should not act as the trigger of getting your process (knowledge) managed. They already should have been managed. And in the most simplistic, yet most powerful way.

    The Proof

    Being able to transition into a BPM supporting cultural organisation (for a far more detailed brief on this, do read this article), requires a successful combination of both a great vision as powerful means. And guess what:  Elements.cloud has both and the freemium model means it is accessible to everyone – no matter how small a company! This became once more apparent when I had to transfer process ownership when leaving my previous role:

    “Elements.cloud was introduced to me designing a new sales process. It allows me to take ownership of one of our newly developed sales processes. Where traditional tooling supports drawing boxes and lines, this takes gathering the related knowledge to the next level by securing related information in the process creating a firm base for documentation reference and analysis purposes! – Bart Suers, Business Consultant, BCT Software

    In my opinion I believe that one’s core passion and experience needs to align with the organisation you want to add value to. So I did not have to think twice when I got that call from Elements.cloud making it possible for me being able to share all those ingredients to the mix! And thus add value.

    Ok, got it, now what about Salesforce?

    The main focus for Elements is the hugely successful and growing Salesforce.com ecosystem. The technology is great and driving change and opportunity in an ever growing range of business areas. I know from my long experience with this approach that I can already deliver the core process knowledge benefits with Elements.cloud. But having been a Salesforce user since 2002, and seeing the opportunities we can now address with Elements, the potential to improve business analysis and outcomes for Salesforce Implementations is enormous. Watch this space…

    Now, that’s why I joined… see you soon!


    PS. Blockchain adventures are being continued as well of course… so stay tuned!