• Map those AS-IS processes yet again?!! Or save time with … Process Mining ?

    Posted on November 22, 2013 by in News

    Do you have any idea how your Order-to-Cash or Patient-handling processes work… at this time? Where the current bottlenecks are? Where you might even have compliance issues? In other words: Do you really know your AS-IS situation?  Do you take decisions based on feelings or hearsay?

    Undoubtedly you already have captured and analysed processes in the past and used the necessary brown-paper sessions and BPM workshops. Perhaps you are recording the AS-IS situation either directly or afterwards, using a digital solution. Whatever approach you have used: Chances are pretty close that you have made decisions ​​based on fiction and expert opinions…

    The majority of business systems, such as there are ERP, CRM, or a home-grown Patient Registration system, have the ability to record transactions or  “event logs”. Question: How do you use these logs today?

    Process Mining is now a mature discipline and there is yet more to come. Using automated AS-IS capture (saving loads of time) and conduct analysis based on “event logs”, Process Mining is able to get insight in your AS-IS situation in no time!

    However, note that Process Mining is not the Holy Grail and should therefore be applied with great care and skills. The Process Balance has been trained and skilled, knows how to apply it and can tell you more about the benefits and -in particular- it’s cost-saving potential. Inspired by the primal source of Process Mining, namely the Technical University of Eindhoven (TUe), we take this discipline very serious and therefore offer this service.

    Do you want to know more or try a small (free of charge) pilot in Process Mining, please contact us.