BPM Center of Excellence (CoE)


What is it?

A CoE typically offers structure to enable and support BPM initiatives and, most importantly, creates the required balance between people, process and technology! It should therefore not come as a surprise that we strongly focus at this service. Years of experience with major clients have convinced us that without a proper CoE, pretty much any BPM initiative fades away sooner or later.

Why would you have one?

You do need some sort of body that people can get to for help not only during an BPM project, but certainly after the project. Experience has shown that the presence of a CoE is a critical success factor in successful implementation of BPM. The CoE is the arm of the BPM Governance board.  Without it, governance of the environment and content will suffer, which will reduce the ability to achieve goals and maximize the investment made in the approach and tool solution. The effort required to maintain the CoE may be less than the hidden cost of poor governance.

A couple of tasks a CoE takes care of:

  • Implement the BPM strategy
  • Advise and recommend change to the BPM Governance Board
  • Monitor process governance / adherence to the standards and guidelines
  • Define and monitor skills profile & skills thinking
  • Create and manage implementation toolkit
  • Incl. methodology, mindset, best practice management, support
  • If needed, manages tool related challenges such as user licenses and permissions

the process balance has years of practice with establishing CoEs and strongly recommends this critical component.