BPM training and workshops

training_m285x190What is it?

Training and workshops delivered with energy and passion! Motivating and winning over people to ensure a successful BPM initiative. The training offered by the process balance combines carefully selected BPM skills aligned with your business objectives seamlessly aligned with the practical challenges of daily execution. In other words, we align training with your needs, drivers and direction before we start the actual training… 

Why this training?

There are all sorts of BPM training delivered nowadays. And these exists in any form, varying  from a  1 hour e-learning introduction training to an official 9 month class led post-academic course. But chances are high that, although loaded with useful BPM related knowledge, these do not deliver in the end or are plain overkill. Anyone has been there once: Great course, good feelings, but now I’m back  at my desk struggling with translating my freshly gained BPM theory into practice. Let alone trying to sell the good stuff to others I just learned…


Especially when it comes down to capturing and improving processes, workshops are the recommended way. The golden combination we believe,  is training followed up by workshops. The outcome of a workshop is ideally twofold: Besides a firm understanding of the BPM elements needed at this moment,  the relevant processes will have been captured. So, when you’re back at your desk, you actually have relevant content  to continue with and to collaborate on!

For whom?

The audience for these trainings and workshops are typical business users not specialized in BPM.