Setting up and establish BPM Centre of Excellence (CoE)

A CoE typically offers structure to enable and support BPM initiatives and, most importantly, creates the required balance between people, process and technology! It should therefore not come as a surprise that we strongly focus at this service. [Read more]

Delivering BPM training and workshops

Training and workshops delivered with energy and passion! Motivating and winning over people to ensure a successful BPM initiative. The training offered by the process balance combines carefully selected BPM skills aligned with your business objectives seamlessly aligned with the practical challenges of daily execution. In other words, we align training with your needs, drivers and direction before we start the actual training… [Read more]

Providing BPM software training, configuration and migration

BPM software configuration can be very intimidating. Over the years we have learned what the most convenient options are, the order in which they should be applied, so the technology aligns with where you want your BPM project to be. Emptying a candy box at once is simply not so healthy. Also migrations are possible. BPM software training are being delivered on the job. And not just the theory , but rather with a view to practical application. Of course with the same amount of energy and passion! It should be fun after all… [Read more]

Process Discovery, Capture, Analysis, Design and Re-Engineering

Years of practical field experience with customers, have led to significant know-how on how to go about process discovery, capture, analysis but even so design and re-engineering. Our services embed these skills  when necessary (the “consulting factor”) and -mostly during longer term assignments- we simply help you doing it (the “just do it factor”).

Process Tool and Platform Evaluation, analysing RFI/RFP’s.

Our pre-sales experience with answering RFIs and RFPs ensure that also on this field we can offer help. We provide assistance in preparation and creation of an RFI or RFP, but also independent analysis of already answered RFIs and RFPs by BPM software vendors.

The Process Balance