Vision and Mission


17322952_ml252x168In a world of increasing information overload, privacy issues, big data and (abuse of) social media, more and more people are suffering from decision stress; e.g., what information is important to me right now in order to plan my time efficiently, gain knowledge in order to do my job and make the best possible decisions. Therefore this leads eventually to missing opportunities, people that feel disconnected with their community or organisation and, most importantly and as a result, people who feel that they add less value as a whole.


Many sophisticated solutions are available nowadays in order to mitigate these internal communication issues. However, new technology, innovation and fantastic products and services mean nothing when they cannot be sold to the right audience, in the right context, and genuinely engage the audience. And all that by as less effort and hassle as possible.

Both helping people to decrease information overload by informing the right audience in the right context, alerting them when needed and, last but not least: engaging and inspiring them with the right messages that support the company strategy and bring people, processes and technology back in a healthy balance: That is the mission of  The Process Balance.