Core Values

11911324_ml250x250Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Process Balance wants to make an active contribution to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and therefore actively supports the People, Planet, Profit thought.


We believe that change comes from within and cannot be enforced by (just) regulations. Through concrete examples, we want to encourage others also to think about core values ​​such as honesty, trust, respect for people and the environment.


Not just dwell on the naturalness with which we occasionally deal with our abundance.  This is why we use energy generated by our own solar panels and print-only when we really must- on (Forest Stewardship Council) recycled paper.


We buy locally and execute sound economic management (think for example of respectful treatment of taxes and the payment of suppliers). The Process Balance wants its services to provide a healthy and fair contribution to the success of its customers. Making a profit is ok, but never at the expense of others or by allegedly greedy behavior. It should come as no surprise that we support the Rhineland model.