17430914_m252x252As consultant (see also About) I have worked in several roles (e.g., trainer, (technical) senior consultant, pre-sales consultant) with and for the company NimbusPartners Ltd. since their root grass way back in 1999. Since 2011 I have worked as Product Manager Nimbus  for TIBCO Inc. (who acquired NimbusPartners Ltd. in August 2011).

One of the best ideas I came up with during my Nimbus time, was using the when/what/why/how and who paradigm with regards to process capture. This evolved in the development and use of Universal Process Notation (UPN) and has been used with customers ever since. It is a very powerful approach that leads to quality. Not enforced quality, but quality that arrives as a result.

But there is more. During the years it became eminent that only a holistic approach makes sense, actually a lot of sense. But in an evolutionary way. Not the typical “…and next Monday we go live” syndrome. With Nimbus Partners Ltd. we launched as one of the first the idea of the BPM Center of Excellence to support BPM initiatives.

Now it’s again time to move on and here it is: a warm welcome to The Process Balance!