Balance is beautiful...

...and a natural phenomenon.

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Your current BPM situation?

...colorful but not aligned?

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Perhaps you want... put balance and control back in your business?

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...come and talk!

We align people, process and technology.

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is the process balance?

First most: Pure passion for people, process and technology! With more than a decade of experience in the BPM space the process balance can add value to your BPM initiatives ranging from building a Center of Excellence to delivering BPM training. On top of that the process balance is involved in exploring innovative, cutting-edge BPM technology (e.g., Process Mining)

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do I need it?

Basically when you feel that your BPM related initiatives are disconnected. Think about that process mapping exercise because of new compliance rules, or perhaps that business requirements capturing project for the implementation of your new ERP software

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do I need it?

Far too often BPM initiatives are being executed in isolation or there is imbalance amongst people, process and technology. Costs rise and employees suffer -simply stated- BPM fatigue. They cannot see any added value. Therefore it will become more and more difficult to start a BPM related initiative, which -in principle- is a good principle.

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does it work?

the process balance has a holistic view on BPM. We understand that there is more than 1 audience. Reinventing wheels or just throwing software at your BPM challenge, is no option for us.

The Process Balance offers unique services in the area of Business Process Management with a balanced and controlled focus on Process, People and Technology. Another W...